Types Of Promotions In WCS

Promotions offers the ability to attract the customers to procure the items from the site and make them visit once again once the promotions are offered. In WCS promotions can be created using Commerce accelerators and CMC also, but CMC is having more functionality than commerce accelerator.
WCS provide support for  three varieties of promotions which play the crucial role for any site which is developed in WCS, the following are the types of promotions that WCS supports
Catalog-Entry Level Promotions: In this type of promotions WCS provides support that are related to Catalog category .
For example : 
  • Buy Catalog entry X,Get Catalog Entry y free
  • Buy Catalog Entry X, Get some percentage off on the purchase of Catalog entry y.
  • Percentage off on the total amount on purchase of catalog entries from  a category.
  • Amount off on the subtotal of catalog entries of a category.
  • Buy X & Y , get a percentage off on both, etc.

Order level Promotions:  In this type of promotions, WCS deal with the promotions which are enabled during when the order is getting placed by a customer in the site.
For example : 
  • Percentage off on an order
  • Certain amount off on the order being placed
  • Free gifts with an order.

Shipping level Promotions: This type of promotions deals with the shipping of the item that is being placed for order.
For Example : 
  • Free Shipping of the order
  • Discounted Shipping for an order using a selected shipping mode.
  • Discounted Shipping for an item using a selected shipping mode.

types of promotions in WCS

Generally, promotion can be applied automatically or we have to provide with some promotion code to get it applied to the order or order item. We can observe that we are provided with redemption method in CMC to achieve the same. If the redemption method is meeting  the criteria then promotion will be applied automatically and if the redemption method is designed such that it needs promotion code, then to get the promotion user needs to supply the promotion code. Again Promotion code can be unique/ single time used or it can be applied multiple times, Unique Promotion code is targeted for specific users and public promotion or multiple times used promotions are reusable and can be applied to all shoppers, if they enter the promotion code.
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