IBM WCS Database Schema

Creating IBM WCS Database Schema
IBM WCS Database Schema
For creating a new IBM WebSphere Commerce Server Database schema using developer machine the following steps are to be used:
  • First create a user (schema) with DBA privileges in oracle 11g.
  • Go to command prompt where WCS Installed
    • Ex: D:\WCDE_ENT70\bin>
  • Prepare setdbtype.bat statement.
    • Ex: setdbtype oracle D:\app\testuser\product\11.2.0\client_1 UATDB wcs7 wcs7 wcs7 wcs7 1521 createdb
  • Execute the setdbtype.bat file as mentioned above
  • setdbtype.bat command will open one more window
  • Verify the createdb.oracle.log file
  • WCS schema created

Listing enabled features in Development Environment

We can list the features that have been enabled on WCS 7. To do so follow the steps that are mentioned as below:
  • Run the check enablement status: WCDE_installdir\bin\checkEnablementStatus.bat
  • The status message appears in the log file. WCDE_installdir\logs\enableFeature.log

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