IBM WCS Interview Questions | Dumps | FAQ's

IBM WCS Interview Questions | Dumps | FAQ's

What is the difference between Controller and Task Command?
Controller Command is the command that gets called upon a request, just like We have actions in struts and controller in Spring. Task is a step in this bigger process. Task command are the commands that perform specific task for a controller command, like service classes in other frameworks. In order to complete the request, a controller command may invoke multiple task commands.

How Promotions are created and stored in WCS ?
Promotions are created either using Management Center or Accelerator. PX_PROMOTION table is used to store Promotions. Complete Promotion is stored as an XML string within XMLPARAM column. Other tables which are used to store promotion related information are-
How can you check the status of an ORDER ?
By querying the STATUS from the ORDERS table.

I want to collect email addresses of all Registered Users. Which table should I refer ?

How can i get to know all the active promotions without going to management center ?
We can query the DB as follows. Select NAME from PX_PROMOTION where STATUS=1;

How can we remove a JSP page from getting cached ?
Remove the jsp entry from cachespec.xml.

Where do we store DB configuration and how can we change that ?
wc-server.xml stores the DB configuration. We can either change it manually or by using setdbtype command.

Which table holds the encrypted login password ?

How can we enable promotion engine logs ?
By making Debug=true within WCSPromotionEngineConfig.xml

What are the steps to create a new business policy ?
Step 1 - Create a new policy definition by adding record in tables POLICY, POLICYDESC.
Step 3 - Associate commands to the new policy by adding records in POLICYCMD.
Step 2 - Associate the new policy with its terms and conditions by adding a record in relationship table POLICYTC.
Step 4 - Add reference to the policy in the repective contract xml file.

How Access control Policies are implemented in WCS ?
There are three elements i.e Users ( Who want access ) , Actions ( What kind of Access ) and Resources ( Whose Access ). The relationship between resource and user is store in ACRELATION table and ACRESREL associate a resource and relationship.

What is reload interval and where it is defined ?
reload interval or jsp caching interval is a parameter that indicates how frequently a JSP should be recompiled. It is defined within 
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